Cryptocurrency News Now!: 10/27/18

Our analysis shows that 27.6 % of all millennials and 27.5 p.c of bridge millennials either own or have owned at the very least one kind of cryptocurrency. This is most commonly cited amongst baby boomers and seniors (39 percent). These findings touch on just some of the insights outlined in our research. That is excess of the 16.7 % of Generation X consumers and only 5. In the event you loved this short article and you wish to receive more information concerning Ox cryptocurrency please visit the site. 2 % of baby boomers and seniors who own or have owned cryptocurrency, by contrast. One-third of consumers who never purchased cryptocurrencies cite their not being mainstream or accepted sufficient as a motive why. A comparatively smaller however vital share of respondents who've never bought cryptocurrencies worry about their worth being too unstable (25 %). To be taught more about how shoppers feel about using cryptocurrency and how merchants can guarantee they're assembly …

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