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Online Gambling Glossary: The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Terms and Phrases

November 21, 2018

Most online gambling games are simple, but terms and phrases used to define and describe them are not. With so much slang in the gambling industry, it can be intimidating and confusing for new players to understand them and play the games. In this guide, we are going to discuss the most common and important phrases you need to know when stepping into the online gambling world.


An ante is a bet made by a player before cards are dealt


Baccarat is a card game that puts players against the dealer. It involves comparing cards played between the «banker» and «player». The goal of the game is to get the highest number and avoid the lower numbers.


The bankroll is the money that a punter has set aside specifically for gambling. A casual gambler won’t need a dedicate bankroll but a professional gambler is usually careful and will only gamble with money that he/she has specifically set aside for this purpose.


Blackjack is a table game where players try to beat the dealer by getting a hand closer to 21 points without exceeding


A bet is an instance of staking money on an event or casino game. Several bets may be placed in a single game.

Betting limit

Betting limit is the limit that has been set by the casino on the amount a gambler may bet. You will often see a minimum and maximum bet for each game in a casino.


A bonus is an offer or incentive often extended by online casinos to players for signing up and/or making the first deposit. Matching bonuses are the most common, which means the size of the bonus depends on the amount of deposit made.


Croupier is a term used can the employee of a casino who is in charge of roulette and other high stake tables

Casino edge

The casino edge is the advantage that the house/casino has over gamblers


Crap is slang used during Craps for a 2, 3 or 12


The dealer an employee of the casino that is responsible for dealing cards to players and controlling the general flow of the game. Games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker may require dealers.

Double Down

When the amount you are betting on is doubled on the hand or turn in a casino game

Expected value

This term refers to the return a player should expect on average in the long run on a certain bet. The value can be positive or negative, basically depending on whether or not the bet is profitable


eCOGRA is a London-based organization that has been approved to monitor online casinos and provide them with seals of approval after ensuring that it is fair. It was established originally by Microgaming.


Jackpot is the large payout on a slot machine or any other game. The word jackpot is mainly used for a special prize, which could be a progressive prize.

Fixed odds

A game with a fixed odd is one in which the chances of winning and payouts are fixed. Examples of fixed odds games are a scratch-off card and simulated horse games. In a more broad explanation, this term applies to most slot machines and table games, although it is mostly used for «specialty» games. But it doesn’t apply to sports betting and games like poker where odds and probability of the various events are not known.


Wagering money on an event whose outcome is uncertain


The term that means the ability to block your gambling account. To bypass the system, you need to choose bookies not on gamstop what allows you to make deposits and withdraw money again.

House edge

This refers to the advantage that the casino has over the people who bet on their website or Wildfire casino valley view casino. It is usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, with a house edge of 3%, it means the player should expect to lose 3% of the amount of money they stake in the long run.

Optimal strategy

A set of plays that will make the player get the best returns from a casino game. Optimal strategy is mostly used in video poker and blackjack, although it can also apply to many games where gamblers are required to make strategic decisions.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

An RNG is a device that generates a random, unpredictable sequence of numbers. This can be done on several stages involving algorithms in the RNG device and other factors like mouse movements, temperature, air pressure and anything else that is unpredictable. Although there are many uses of RNGs, in this case, they are mainly used to determine the results of online casino games where cards must be dealt, deice need to be rolled or another random event must occur


Roulette is a game that is played with a wheel and ball where the ball can fall into one of the pockets. Players can place a number of bets that try to predict the pockets the ball may fall into. This game has two variations: American Roulette and European Roulette. But the latter has better odds than the former.

Video Poker

A video poker is a machine game that is based on a 5-card draw poker. Players can discard and replace the cards from their hand and are paid if they are lucky to make the minimum hand required to win. Some of the most common video poker games include Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better.

Wagering requirement

This refers to the condition that an online casino has put in place for its bonus offer. Players must stake a certain amount before they can claim the bonus. This prevents the player from claiming the bonus or cashing out immediately.

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Exclusive Q&A with Sandra McWilliams of SIS

Trial programme launched in Scotland to support gambling addicts

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Exclusice Q&A with Simon Westbury, Chief Business Officer at Digitain

  1. Let us begin with a quick introduction about yourself. Our readers love to hear top technocrats talking about themselves.

Professionally, I’ve first got involved in iGaming in 2008 when I was responsible for organizing the Gaming Executive Summit. Following on from conferences, I worked briefly in payments before moving to a casino sales role at Chartwell in 2010, which eventually became part of the Amaya story. I joined VSoftCo in 2015 to work on their virtual products, before joining Digitain in 2019.

From a personal point of view, I love sport, both playing and watching – especially cricket, which is great way of relaxing at the weekend. I also enjoy reading especially biographies of political or sporting figures.

  1. You joined Digitain in June 2019. How was it like driving growth during this Covid-19 affected period?

As a Sales Department, when the world went into lockdown, we had two choices, to either take the bull by the horns and try and grow or sit back and become stagnant. I’m delighted to say that the Sales Team were ready to take the bull by the horns and see where the ride took us.

As a business we focused on Digital Marketing and our B2B Marketing team did a great job in assisting us in driving potential sales opportunities. As a result, I was able to expand the Sales team from 6 to 12 in 2020 and we are now at 13.

I focused on building sales momentum, a key ingredient in my view, and an important lesson I learnt from my professional sportsman friends. Key to building that momentum in the sales team was the removing of «excuses» – reasons why the team could not sell – and focused on solutions. I also adapted my leadership style, to deal with the new challenges – encapsulated in the following quote,

«Leadership is not about being in charge, leadership is about taking care of those in your charge».

I am proud of how the team has developed over the last 12 months – in terms of deals but also the ability for the team to develop professionally, with 5 internal promotions over the last year. The pathway to professional success for colleagues is as important to me as achieving sales targets.

  1. Could you share some success stories in terms of new client acquisitions and new market entries during this period?

We signed more new deals last year than in 2018 and 2019 – fantastic performance given the unusual circumstances, plus we are already seeing 50% growth over 2020 and we are tracking to hit our annual target. We saw good success in LatAm, with the help of Digitain’s Account Management team, where our monthly revenues have continued to grow. Additionally, we have seen many new partners go live with impressive numbers in both CIS and CEE regions.

  1. Tell us about the latest features of Digitain Turnkey solution. How does it stand apart from the competitors?

Our turnkey iGaming platform is an amazing, fully featured, one-stop shop suitable for any betting and gaming operator, new or existing, with everything they need to get to market quickly and run a successful, profitable business, whatever the global location.

In terms of highlights, these include our sportsbook, especially our lighting fast in-play odds and results service with the fullest range of sports and betting opportunities available, our recently enhanced eSports area, dedicated to the new customer demographic, which no astute operator can ignore, with the all the key eBrands covered, and including our own Cyber Masters eFootball and eBasketball leagues.

Add to that our award-winning games portfolio, developed by our own in-house Fast Games studio and a wealth of other cutting-edge gaming products and you can see why our Turnkey solution is so highly regarded by our partners.

  1. Could you tell us more about Digitain API and how it can make life easier for igaming operators?

Not all operators, especially established ones need to swap their platforms. Our range of APIs allow partners to quickly and seamlessly integrate a range of our products into their existing back-office.

For example, if they choose, operators can integrate our world-class award-winning sportsbook on its own, a highly competitive product supported by 150 developers and 700 experienced traders, covering over 70,000 live events per month with over 3000 betting markets plus live video streaming and a wealth of stats, results and interactive data. A highly effective way of achieving a competitive advantage for this hero product in our industry.

  1. Now, let us ask a simple customer-centric question. What are the benefits can a new gaming or gambling operator expect from a technological collaboration with Digitain?

A simple answer then – from an operator’s perspective we believe their success is our success. Entering the world of online betting and gaming as a new operator is exciting, but also a potentially scary endeavour. We are a long-established igaming platform provider with a management team with excellent industry experience, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help new businesses successfully launch and build their online operations – whether that help is licensing, marketing or product development.

  1. What are the steps Digitain takes to ensure that all your customers get the best of your products, irrespective of the jurisdiction they operate in or irrespective whether they operate land-based or online?

From the minute the prospective partner comes into contacts, their needs are put first. We operate a needs-based sales process focusing on the Features, Advantages and Benefits that the Digitain product can bring to the prospective partner. Further to the sales process in parallel, we undergo a rigorous scoping procedure to work with the partner to understand the requirements and scope this into the technical delivery of the project. It is joint effort between Sales and the Partner Relations and Implementation Division of Digitain to ensure that the customers’ needs are put first and always met. This includes use of localized versions of our products to ensure fitness-for-purpose wherever they are in the world. Our omnichannel solutions mean that if you are online or retail focused or even both, we will service you in a seamless manner.

  1. You have stated that expanding the business into Asia and Latin America is one of your ambitions. How much progress has been made so far in that regard?

I was delighted to promote one of my Sales team to the role of heading up our international expansion. Also, we have appointed an Africa Regional Director, opened an office in South Africa and are now looking to expand further.

We also have deals in place in Asia and LatAm, but we understand to best serve the markets we operate in, we need to be there with the customer. As I have always said Digitain has a Glocal focus, a global outlook with laser-like local focus. To that end we’re currently undertaking a rigorous interview process to find the best people to be our «boots on the ground» in these new markets.

  1. How does Digitain constantly upgrade the software platforms with respect to fast changing technology, such as new machine learning theorems, new digital payment formats and even new forms of fraud attempts?

We believe that research and development is a key differentiator in our industry, where there is a lot of «me too» product developments. We have a product group dedicated to optimizing new technology, including AI and machine-learning. One exciting outcome from their effort is our new, fully-featured CRM system – which has many benefits for marketing, risk management and ensuring responsible gambling.

  1. Let’s conclude the interview by a look into the immediate future. Could you share some expansion plans or new product launch in the pipeline at Digitain?

So much going on its difficult to choose. As mentioned, we’re excited about our new CRM product, developed using AI and machine-learning. It will give our partners a great advantage in customer retention. It also has several additional potential benefits including highlighting potential responsible gambling customer issues to enable speedy operator intervention.

Other highlights for the future include the launch of our new platform, our live dealer products and some serious enhancements to our eSports and Table Sports products.

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SimPocalypse Launched out of Early Access on Steam – time to rebuild civilization!

Surviving the post-apocalyptic times

We’ve all probably wondered how we would fare in a post-apocalyptic world, exploring devastated lands, scavenge for resources, try to survive, and help lead fellow survivors towards a more thriving world. This urge to rebuild and re-conquer a desolate world is what SimPocalypse tries to instill at the core of its experience, as it has now released out of Early Access on Steam.

Rebuild the civilization

Unlike most other city builders and post-apocalyptic games, SimPocalypse focuses more on the broad macro-management of rebuilding civilization. The game starts with you managing a small group of survivors, thinking of how to most efficiently organize them to gather resources and rebuild the basics to keep your people alive. Once you manage to live through the early stages, you will quickly become a refuge to other survivors, and become a beacon of hope to rebuild the modern pillars of society as we know it.

An apocalyptic event is ought to teach people humility, and learn to coexist and prosper towards building a common, better world, right?

Ummm… nope, not really – You will find out that in order to expand and repopulate the world to what it once was, you will have to expand because that is the only way to ensure you can rebuild a better world. And as in real life, expansion can be both of military or economic nature, the choice is up to you.

Control billions of citizens and rebuild millions of structures

The developers at Gamex Studio wanted to deliver a deep managerial experience that eventually gets you to control up to billions of citizens and rebuild millions of structures as you try to balance the wellbeing of your people, battle random events, and expand Money Monkey bitcoin slots BitcoinCasino.Us no deposit bonus to all continents of the world.

You will realize that certain public jobs, such as doctors, policeman, and firefighters are a must to keep your people content and safe, and that the only way to build a better world is through research and urbanistic advancements.

Managing billions of people – ain’t nobody got time for that!

SimPocalyse’s vast array of Quality of Life and automation features got you covered and ensure you can always focus on making broad strategical and optimization decisions, and let the game’s features do the heavy lifting of crunching big numbers. And if that’s not enough, you can always utilize the game’s timelapse feature and play the game at your own pace of up to x10 speed.

«Giving players the tools to focus on the broad strategy, instead of doing the repetitive, boring gruntwork, is extremely important to us in a management/simulation game.» said the developers, who wanted to give an experience with a lot of depth and ways to play. The game features 100+ unique unlocks and upgrades, procedural generation of the world, and random events, and requires 20+ hours to complete a single playthrough at x10 speed. Yet… that is not the end – players can choose to attempt harder difficulties, complete challenges or just shoot for the sky with reaching insane numbers with its prestige function, that allow players a sort of a sandbox experience with massive boosts the more times you play it.

A fresh take on a genre

SimPocalypse is an attempt to deliver a deep and replayable incremental/idle experience, but also offer 4x, strategy, and city builder players a fresh take on a genre that often tends to overwhelm with the repetitive micro-management.

SimPocalypse (Windows & Linux) is now available to play on Steam for 9.99 – with 20% off during the launch week (ends on May 18th).

Now Available in 14 languages already for Windows & Linux

SimPocalypse is playable in 14 languages already), covering the biggest language markets, such as English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish (Spain & Latin America), French, Polish, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch. Gamex Studio also added additional Portuguese- Brazil translations of the game directly on the Launch Day.

The game is currently available on for Windows & Linux.

SimPocalypse was featured on the Steam Autumn Festival with its very first Demo back then, and later on, released into Early Access on December 15th. After regular updates and massive recent UI rework, they are now just one bigger update away from going out of Early Access.

Online Casino USA | Best USA Online Casinos 2021

Online Casino USA sites ranked, reviewed and updated reguarly by the industries top experts in online gambling have crafted this list of the best USA Online Casinos, Real money casino gamblers can play blackjack, slots, video poker, and progressive slots at our online casinos in the US. The newest casinos in our reviews cover the top online casinos that accept players from the USA.

In our American online casino reviews you’ll find out which casinos in the USA offer real money casino gamblers the best deals. Our best American casinos online have licenses in various jurisdictions. Moreover, the USA has some of the biggest land casinos in Vegas but the Internet offers thousands of casinos online. As you can convenience tops the list here, and it’s cheap!

Yet, only a handful of US real money casino gambling sites are safe to play at and are legal. This is where we come in. We make sure that we pick the US casinos that’s safe for real money casino US players like yourself.

Not only will you find the top online casinos at Casinowhizz, You’ll find an assortment of online casinos that pay Americans through various payment methods. The quickest online casino payments are Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, and Bitcoin.

Our best USA gambling online websites offer bonuses with decent terms. We test each and every real money casino game with real cash deposits. The online casino gambling industry in the US is currently worth more than $240 billion.

Despite a wide range of online casino USA sites scattered across the Internet. Only New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and a few other states legalized online casino gambling in the States. This leaves many casino gamblers in the USA with only the offshore option.

MYB Casino

300% Bonus To $2000 + 20 Freespins Promo code: MYBCWHIZZ

Whizz hot?

  • U.S Players Accepted
  • Fast cash outs
  • VIP rewards program
  • Comps and cash back on losses

Players from France accepted

Wild Casino

250% Welcome Bonus To $5000 Promo code: WHIZZ250

Whizz hot?

  • Sublime bonus package of up to $5,000
  • Bonus wagering is fair
  • Withdrawals are cleared fast
  • Live Casino

Players from France accepted

Casino Max

310% Welcome Bonus up to $9100 Promo code: WHIZZ310

Whizz hot?

  • Trusted operator
  • Huge sign on bonus
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Good customer support

Players from France accepted

High Country Casino

500% Bonus To $2,500 +50% Cash Back Promo code: 500WHIZZ

Whizz hot?

  • Plenty of bonuses
  • RTG portfolio of games
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Cashback on losses

Players from France accepted

Super Slots

300% Up To $6000 Promo code: SUPER300

Whizz hot?

  • Accepts Americans
  • Players can deposit with Bitcoin and USD
  • Plenty of mobile casino Betsoft games
  • Top-notch support

Players from France accepted

Lucky Tiger Casino

350% $3500 Bonus + Free spins – +100% Cashback Promo code: LUCKYWHIZZ

Whizz hot?

  • Nice Bouquet of RTG games
  • Massive Bonuses
  • Clears payments fast through Bitcoin
  • Superb customer service

Players from France accepted

Big Spin Casino

500% to $3000 + 25 Free spins Promo code: BSCWHIZZ

Whizz hot?

  • Large bouquet of browser-based games
  • Plenty of bonuses
  • Straightforward banking and security
  • Live chat

Players from France accepted

New Vegas

410% Bonus Up To $4000 Promo code: 410WHIZZ

Whizz hot?

  • 5% Cashback Weekly
  • Multi Currencies
  • 3000% Rival Slots Bonus
  • Live Casino
  • Instant Crypto Deposits

Players from France accepted

Las Vegas USA Casino

400% Up To $3000 + Daily + Reload bonuses Promo code: 400WHIZZ

Whizz hot?

  • Nice variety of RTG games
  • Pooled million dollar progressives
  • Customer care available round the clock
  • Massive bonuses upon sign up

Players from France not accepted

Sloto Cash Casino

200% $7777 Bonus Plus 300 Free Spins Promo code: SLOTO1MATCH

Whizz hot?

  • U.S players accepted
  • One Of The Most Trusted
  • High RTP
  • Progressive jackpots with 7 figures

Players from France accepted

Cherry Jackpot

410% Welcome Bonus Up To $4,100 Promo code: WHIZZ410

Whizz hot?

  • Backed by solid management
  • No player complaints to date
  • Bitcoin offered
  • Exclusive welcome bonus

Players from France accepted


300% up to $3,000 Welcome Bonus Exclusive Promo code: WHIZZ300

Whizz hot?

  • Modern design
  • Accepts players from America
  • Swift support
  • Progressive jackpots

Players from France accepted

Ignition Casino

100% Up to $2,000 or 200% To $3000 For Bitcoin Deposits Promo code: No Promo Code Needed

Whizz hot?

  • Instant play RTG and Rival game library
  • Bitcoin offered
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Fast cash outs

Players from France accepted

Royal Ace Casino

Claim 400% Up to $4,000 Promo code: CASINO400

Whizz hot?

  • Nice assortment of download and instant play RTG games
  • Large sign on bonus
  • Regular promotions
  • VIP program

Players from France accepted

Drake Casino

Welcome Bonus 300% Up To $6000 Promo code: No Code Needed

Whizz hot?

  • 3D Betsoft slots, table games and video poker
  • Comps can be earned
  • Live Support
  • Bitcoin

Players from France accepted

Cherry Gold Casino

350% Welcome Bonus Up To $3500 Promo code: WHIZZ350

Whizz hot?

  • A complete portfolio of RTG games
  • Cryptocurrency accepted
  • A vast array of bonuses and promotions
  • Responsive mobile-friendly design

Players from France accepted

Raging Bull Casino

350% Welcome Bonus up to $15,000 Promo code: WHIZZ350

Whizz hot?

  • Compendium of RTG games
  • Lucrative sign on bonuses
  • Progressive jackpots
  • VIP program

Players from France accepted

Slots Of Vegas

300% Welcome bonus up to $2,500 Promo code: NEW300

Whizz hot?

  • Huge welcome bonus with low play-through
  • Accepts Bitcoin and players from the United States, Australia
  • Live support that’s available 24/7
  • TST deems the games fair

Players from France accepted

Exclusive 175% Sign-Up Casino Bonus, up to $1000 + $20 Free Chip Promo code: WHIZZX

Whizz hot?

  • Casino, live dealer casino and sports betting
  • Live support
  • Cash back on losses
  • Progressive slot jackpots

Players from France accepted


200% Welcome Bonus Up to $600 Promo code: WHIZZ200

Whizz hot?

  • Instant Play Certified Betsoft casino games
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Rock-solid reputation
  • Customer support is fast and professional

Players from France accepted

Slots LV Casino

Claim 200% Up To $5000 Promo code: Not Needed

Whizz hot?

  • Download or instant play available
  • Full mobile compatible site
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Certified fair gaming

Players from France accepted

Red Dog Casino

Welcome Bonus 300% Up To $3000 Promo code: WHIZZ300

Whizz hot?

  • Players from America welcome
  • Support is good
  • Bitcoin offered
  • Games are certified

Players from France accepted


260% To $10,000 Welcome Bonus Promo code: WHIZZVIP

Whizz hot?

  • Bonuses are massive
  • Multi-million dollar progressive slots pool
  • Pays BTC within minutes
  • Accepts Americans and Australians

Players from France accepted

Vegas Casino Online

400% To $10,000 + Daily + Reload Bonuses Promo code: WHIZZ400

Whizz hot?

  • Compendium of RTG casino games
  • Bonuses on deposit are huge
  • Multi-million progressive jackpots
  • Accepts BTC

Players from France accepted

El Royale

Exclusive 250% Sign Up Bonus To $12,5000 Promo code: ROYALEWHIZZ

Whizz hot?

  • Certified RTG casino games
  • HTML5 Mobile Casino
  • Huge bonuses on deposit
  • Accept Bitcoin

Players from France accepted

Vegas Crest Casino

Claim 500% up to $2,500 + 25 Free Spins Promo code: WHIZZ25FREE

Whizz hot?

  • Quality game library (420+ games)
  • Huge welcome bonus package with free spins
  • Top-notch rewards program
  • Live chat

Players from France accepted

Sun Palace Casino

400% Bonus up To $10,000 Promo code: 400BONUS

Whizz hot?

  • Nice variety of RTG games
  • Proven track record
  • RTG progressive jackpots
  • Deposit bonuses are massive

Players from France accepted

Roaring 21 Casino

210% Welcome Bonus Up To $4300 Promo code: Not Needed

Whizz hot?

  • Operator can be trusted
  • Nice variety of RTG games
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • USA players welcome

Players from France accepted

Uptown Aces Casino

Claim The Welcome Bonus Of 250% Up to $8888 Promo code: UPTOWN1ACES

Whizz hot?

  • Trusted Deckmedia Brand
  • Big Bonuses
  • Mobile Dedicated Site
  • Bitcoin Accepted

Players from France accepted

24VIP Casino

$1000 Welcome Bonus + 240 FS Promo code: Not Needed

Whizz hot?

  • Nice variety of games
  • Progressive jackpots of up to $1 million
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Mobile play supported

Players from France accepted

Bovada Casino

Welcome Bonus Up To $3,000 or $5000 If using Bitcoin Promo code: SLOTS500

Whizz hot?

  • Latest Software
  • Lots of big bonuses
  • Free mobile bet to try
  • Multi platform

Players from France accepted

The Best Online Casinos USA Check List

Finding the best and most trustworthy online casinos in the USA is not always easy. With years of American casinos experience online we know how to choose the best USA online casinos. Before we review any US casino for players from the States. We have a checklist real money online casinos in the USA must adhere to:

  • Online casinos with a license – When you search for an online casino through Google. Make sure that it has a secure lock in its URL. The lock means that the USA casino online is verified by Cloudflare. Therefore, it protects the data of real money casino gamblers online.
  • Secure online banking transactions – USA casino gamblers must be able to transact in $USD. The U.S online casino must clear payment via various options within a few hours up to 3 days.
  • Casino games for real money online – Our best US casino gambling sites cover quality casino games from different software houses. Moreover, real money casino players must be able to play games for free online.
  • Bonuses are easy to claim – Top online casinos in the USA offer plenty of bonuses to US gamblers. Just because online casinos advertise plenty of bonus codes it doesn’t mean they are good. Don’t accept a bonus if you haven’t read its terms and conditions yet.
  • Reliable customer support – Our safe casinos online for US gamblers are available 24/7 through various channels. In other words, the staff at the US online casino is always available via live chat, email, or phone.

Top Casino Online

When it comes to picking the top casinos online for Americans to gamble at we add glue to our seat. We are the top online casino guide to players from the United States. Furthermore, we will never work with a US online casino that has a poor reputation.

Only the safest casinos online for US players make it onto our site.

  1. We play casino games for real cash out our top online casinos in the USA. Not only does it give us an insight into the inner workings of the USA casino online. It gives us much-needed insight into the top online casino’s USA software.
  2. The top online casino USA must list reliable payment options. US casino players must be able to withdraw their money just as fast as they deposit it.
  3. There are times when we play with the casino’s online bonus. We check the bonus terms, are the games certified by an RNG, and does it use SSL encryption.
  4. Our top casinos online in the USA must have a robust portfolio of games. As such players must be able to pick and choose from slots, table games, progressive slots, and video poker.

New Online Casinos USA

Here we will list the latest brand new USA online casinos that are selctable from the above list, this is is updated frequently and for a full list for Kronos login fallsview bitcoin casino other countries you can checkout our country targeted New Online Casinos page.

  1. Super Slots
  2. High Country Casino
  3. El Royale Casino
  4. Spinfinity Casino

What To Look For USA Casino Reviews

Once you pick a safe USA online casinos the Casinowhizz team recommends. Your next step is to register an account and play!

In our top-notch USA online casino reviews, we give you a brief overview of the games, banking, security, bonuses, and support. Now, if you want to find the «Best Online Casinos For USA gamblers?». No matter what you do, only play at the US online gambling sites recommends.

You’ll never need another guide for online casinos from the United States. We add new and exciting online casinos for American gamblers every week. Therefore, you’ll never miss out on the best deals online casinos have for Americans.

10 Best USA Casinos Online

We Google the «Top 10 Best Online Casinos» that accept Americans. The 10 online casinos that are the best for USA casino gamblers are legal. They have online casino licenses in regions such as Curacao, Costa Rica, and Panama.

  1. MYB Casino – Covers the Best Betsoft slots with an exclusive bonus of up to 300%.
  2. Ignition Casino – $3,000 Bitcoin bonus for the high rollers. Sloto Cash Casino – A choice assortment of RealTime Gaming slots and a massive deposit bonus of $7,777.
  3. Wild Casino – Real money casino USA players can withdraw up to $10,000.
  4. Super Slots Casino – Has the highest withdrawal for Americans, up to $15,000.
  5. Bovada Casino – Best customer support online.
  6. Big Spin Casino – Plenty of banking methods including BTC, checks, and wire transfer.
  7. Cherry Jackpot – No player complaints to date and competent casino staff.
  8. Red Dog Casino – certified casino software.
  9. Las Vegas USA – Offers a massive bonus of $10,000 on your first deposit.

Best USA Casinos Online Tips

We have years of gambling experience at casinos for real money online. As a result, we dispense our expert knowledge for free! Next time you register an account at our safe USA online casinos in the United States. Keep these tips in mind when you play for real money at online gambling sites.

Decide on a bankroll and stick to it. Never gamble at USA online casinos with «scared money». In other words, money that you cannot afford to lose. It can be your electricity bill or next month’s house rent.

Never chase your losses. If you had a dismal session at the tables. Don’t try and make up your losses by using a betting system like the Martingale, you’re looking for trouble. Our top USA casinos online offer self-help tools that enable you to set your deposit and loss limit.

Don’t let a live chat support agent coerce you into signing up any of our best USA casinos online. Once you’re ready and you’re happy with your decision, register an account. When you play real money casino games always play within the ambit of your budget. Start with small stakes first to get the hang of the game first.

Read the terms of the bonus carefully before you accept it. A bigger bonus is not necessarily a better bonus.

Online Casino Games For Real Money

The best gambling sites in the USA list hundreds of online casino games from different software providers. The various games on the menu are table games, video poker, progressives, and specialty games.

There’s absolutely no shortage of slot machines to play at our best online casinos in the USA. Casino gamblers can play the slots for real money or play them with free credits. Moreover, USA casinos online now offer Live Casinos to players looking for a real casino experience online.

US players often wonder if the games at our best USA casinos online are safe to play with real money. We guarantee you that they are safe, a random number generator ensures fair play. In our opinion, the best software providers for USA online casinos are Betsoft and RealTime Gaming. Other software providers are Rival and Saucify, but their real money casino games aren’t as popular.

Which Casino Games To Play?

Slots to play USA – Online slots are easy to play because they require no skill. You can play slots for free online with free credits the online casino gives you. Or, you can play slot games at our best real money online casinos in the USA. Further, each slot game has a paytable. The help screen tells you more about its special features, coin betting range, RTP, and its symbols.

Video poker online US – Americans love to play video poker online and so do we. Our best USA online casinos offer Aces and Faces, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild. Some video poker varieties have up to 100 hands at a time. When you play video poker at any USA casino, always bet the maximum 5 credits.

Real money US blackjack – You can visit any USA casino online, their blackjack tables are full most of the time. There are plenty of blackjack variants where players can bet up to $12,000 per hand at a time.

Roulette for USA gamblers online – You can play American, European or French roulette at any of our secure US casinos online. The size of the bets in roulette varies from a dollar up to a few thousand.

Progressive jackpot slots – The best online casinos for USA progressive slots is RealTime Gaming. Progressives such as Aztec Millions pay as much as $USD 3.5 million on a single spin.

Online Casino USA Real Money Banking Methods

Compared to our European counterparts American Online Casino players have limited options, However there is enough to satisfy all and all of the Casino sites here have the maximum amount of options available including Visa And Mastercard Credit And Debit Cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bank Wire and Even Check along with certain payment cards which will be shown to you upon deposit.

US Dollars are accepted in all the best US casino sites and some can even be changed into crypto upon withdrawal should you wish.

USA Mobile Casino Gambling

Our most trusted online casinos in the USA are fully compatible with iOS, Android, and tablet devices. Casino gamblers on the go can play any mobile casino game without a mobile app.

Just like gambling from a desktop. The best mobile casinos for USA gamblers accept real money cash bets and play with free credits. Mobile casinos list plenty of slots, table games, progressives, and video poker. Moreover, you can withdraw your money instantly through a variety of banking methods.

Every USA online casino’s mobile casino awards newbies a bonus on their first deposit. Furthermore, the mobile casino protects your data with SSL encryption. So, you don’t have to worried about safety.

USA Online Casinos Bonuses

As you most probably know by now our best USA casinos online offer new casino gamblers a deposit bonus. The bonus is available only to players who sign up for the first time at the American casino.

Once you become a regular player at the casino online USA you can cash in on its daily promotions. Even though the US casino advertises its promotional offers as ‘free money’ it’s not the case. Whether it is a reload bonus or free spins, each special offer has T & C’s. We strongly advise you to read the USA online casinos’ bonus offers before you grab them.

USA Casino Bonus Codes

Welcome bonus or match – The first perk you’ll receive when you sign up is the welcome bonus. The size of the bonus can be anything from 100% up to 300% up to $1,000. Whatever amount you deposit, the casino matches instantly with the said percentage. Another important thing to remember is to provide the code for the bonus.

Refer a friend – For every buddy you refer to the American casino that deposits, the casino rewards you with a bonus.

No deposit bonus codes – You don’t have to deposit a cent to qualify for it. To qualify for the no deposit bonus you must register an account at the USA casino. It can be a small cash amount of $10 or 10 Free Spins.

High roller casino online bonus – These are special bonuses American casinos offer exclusively to high rollers. The size of the high roller bonus can be 500% up to $3,000.

Responsible Gambling USA Casinos Online

Gambling at USA online casinos is a lot safer than it was during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Thanks to the responsible gambling measures our best USA online casinos now have in place.

It so happens that real money casino gamblers often bite off more than they can chew. This is why our top USA online casinos equip them with the necessary tools to self-exclude themselves for a period. The cooling-off period can be for a few weeks, months to permanent.

Moreover, US players can set their own limits on their deposits and sessions at American casinos.

Responsible Gaming Tips

Never leave your login details to the US online casino lying around but always store it in a safe place. If you have children, make sure your PC has a very strong password so that they can’t access your details.

We recommend that you download child protection software. Don’t gamble online when you’re under the influence of alcohol. Whatever you do don’t try and recoup the money you lost. If you have a gambling problem seek help immediately at

To play at any online casino that accepts American gamblers the minimum age is 21 years old.

Are USA Online Casinos Legal?

The Federal Government does not outlaw online gambling in the United States. So, from this perspective, it is perfectly legal to play at our best online casinos in the USA.

Furthermore, gambling at an offshore online casino is mainly on a state-by-state basis. Certain states prohibit gambling online whilst others allow it. Before you play at any US online gambling site check the laws of your state first.

Legal Casino Gambling & Current Legislation

This section briefly explores America’s gambling laws that have an impact on online casinos in the USA. The federal government said that it will no longer legalize online casino gambling on a national level. It said that it’s up to each state whether it wants to legalize gambling online or not.

The Federal Wire Act

The Federal Wire Act came to light in 1961. Its main purpose was to prevent the mafia from running illegal gambling rings. As of 2011, the US Gambling Authority said that it no longer applies to casino gambling, bit to sports betting.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA)

The purpose of PASPA was to legalize sports betting in 1992. In 2018, the Gambling Authority intervened and said that it’s up to each individual state to legalize online gambling.

Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA)

The UIGEA does not ban online gambling. It aims to prevent banks in America from processing payments to unregulated online casinos in offshore regions.

Also, in 2012 a new piece of gambling legislation made it possible for states to run their own online casinos.

Which States Allows Gambling Online?

Legal online casinos are almost a reality in the United States. The majority of the states have legal horse racing, sports betting, and allow casino games like poker.

As far as legal online gambling goes, New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware where the first US states to legalize it. Since then other states such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan legalized casino games online.