How to Send Mass Email from Outlook Using SMTP Server Configuration?

Creating email marketing campaign has become a need of almost every business which wants to increase its customer reach.

For this reason, these corporate houses are ready to try as much options as they can as per their budget and potential. One of the highly effective and commonly used business promotion methods is sending bulk emails to the chosen list of subscribers. It really works and is sufficient enough to create the optimum possible outcomes.

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Although plenty of ways are available in the market for those experts who are involved in email marketing industry, using SMTP server for mass email seems to be in trend these days.

If you are also the one who wants to learn how to configure the SMTP server to send emails through outlook, 카지노사이트쿠폰 it's wise to read out the information given below:

It is easy for a Email Marketing company to learn how to set up an SMTP server for 우리카지노계열쿠폰 outlook and send emails to their target market.

Relying on a professional SMTP service will surely provide you the assurance of complete emails deliverability. You might face several severe restrictions/hindrances while using commonly used outgoing servers like Hotmail or 우리카지노계열 Gmail. Another problem you might have to face while using their services is not to get the highest delivery rate.

Let's learn here Outlook's SMTP Server Configuration:

  • Open your Outlook, go to the «Tools» menu and choose «Account Settings.»
  • Now click the «Change» button by selecting your email account.
  • The «Outgoing mail server (SMTP)» field will show you some space where you have to insert your server name.
  • Then click the «More Setting» button.
  • Choose the «Outgoing Server» tab.
  • Make sure to check your «My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication» box in case if you are interested to send emails with authentication. Once it's done, opt for the «Log on using.»
  • It's time now to type your username and password.

    In username fill out the email address through which you want to send your emails.

  • Check out the «Outgoing server (SMTP)» tab and set your SMTP port to the number of 25 there. There are possibilities of getting your emails rejected from several incoming servers due to the unwanted load of a large quantity of spam from this port.

    Thus, if this is the condition, feel free to switch to another.

  • Now, click «OK» button, then «Next and» finally click the «Finish» button.

We are sure that you learn here how to start sending mass emails from outlook using SMTP server configuration.


Several experts consider Outlook not as an effective tool for email marketing.

The reason is that it is designed to send one-to-one messages, not much effective in sending mass emails.

Apart from plenty of issues with SMTP servers, 우리카지노계열 Outlook comes with other unexpected difficulties while using it to send a newsletter. In this regard, dedicated sending software can come in handy.

We hope that all the information given above will help you to learn how to set up SMTP server configuration. Good luck for setting up an SMTP server for outlook and sending emails to your subscribers' list!!

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